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That’s a wrap: Our last camping trip of Summer – Brainerd, MN

Good bye summer we will miss you! We spent Labor Day weekend getting in one last trip of the summer camping season – don’t worry I said summer season. We still have some trips on deck for Fall 😉 We will be chasing peak fall colors through the upper Midwest come October 1st. But for now we are very much enjoying a restful September at home remembering all the fun we still managed to have this weird summer.

We spent it at the Disneyland of all playgrounds for kids in MN – Crow Wing Lake Campground. And there is a really fun story around why we chose this place to be our last hurrah of summer…

Travis and I lived in Seattle for 4.5 years before moving back to Minnesota 4 years ago to raise our kids around family. A lot of people don’t realize how beautiful it is in Seattle. I’m talking mountains, waterfalls, and hiking. So much hiking. The people that live there are adventurous – always looking to explore the gorgeous landscape that is Washington State. Just living there and getting to hike out my front door on weekends into the snow capped mountains was enough to quench my wanderlust for years.

And there is where I met some of my best friends – many of whom are the ultimate adventurers! Take my friends Jennifer and Brad for existence of Roaming Free in an RV. They came to me one day and told me they were selling everything, buying a 5th wheel and were off to see the world as full time RVers. WOW! And they have now been doing if for 5 years.

So when Jennifer told me about a campground in Minnesota they recommended I jumped on it. She described it as the ultimate campground for kids and it was only 2 hours from the Twin Cities – in a town famous around here called Brainerd! And boy was she right – it’s basically the Disneyland of campgrounds for kids. If you live in the upper Midwest and have small children I can’t recommend it enough!

Crow Wing Lake Campground – Brainerd, MN

Okay so why is it so awesome? First of all it’s only a 2 hour drive from the cities. THIS IS EVERYTHING WITH KIDS. And even though we booked it in May for Labor Day weekend we still got a lake view campsite.

Second, its located ON a lake with tons of beach front. And not only that, but every rental you can imagine from paddle boards to pontoon boats is available.

Third – THE POOL! WITH TWO WATER SLIDES. My favorite picture of the whole trip. Go teags, go! #fearless Meanwhile Tommy was like, “Ummm no – I’ll watch from the sidelines thank you very much”.

And fourth this playground was THE best playground we have ever come across – EVER. And we go to a lot of playgrounds…It just keeps going and going. Tommy’s favorite part was the school bus.

Fifth, our site had a view of the lake and the perfect trees to finally get to try out our hammock! Not one of our sites all summer had trees to accommodate one so this was VERY exciting.

And last, but certainly not least grandparents! My parents were able to meet us there on the way home from a large RV trip they did in Montana. It was great having neighboring campsite. And we even got to sneak into downtown Brainerd for drinks on a patio for date night. Highly suggest Sage on Laurel. They even had gluten free delicious food for me…and margaritas. Enough said?

The kids did so much better on this trip! You could tell they were seasoned veterans this last trip of summer compared to the first trip. Tommy loves his cozy bed. He calls it his box (HAHAHA!) We basically turned the bottom bunk into a crib – since he is still in a crib at home.

Tommy saying good morning! I smell eggs…

We love you Mantis – thank you for such a great summer! We cant wait for cool temperatures and chasing the peak colors this October in Door County and Northern Mn.


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