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Our Trailer

World meet T5! Our TAXA Mantis trailer.

Okay so why did we pick this specific trailer?

Well first off we needed something that could be stored in our garage! Our house was built with a tandem garage and we wanted to use that space and not pay storage fees. It was basically a game of Tetris, but yes it does fit in the garage! As you can see it has a top that can pop up to 7.5 feet tall for camping, but can pop down to be flat for storage.

We also needed a trailer that could be towed by an SUV so it had to be compact and light! We don’t have a truck and it needed to be tow-able with my daily driver with the kids. So we traded in the van for a 7 passenger Subaru Ascent that has a 5,000 pound tow rating (dry our trailer is 2800 pounds). Thanks mom and dad! They happened to have a Subaru and were looking to sell. Well, that worked out nicely…

We also needed a trailer that was built for a family! It has bunk beds and is made for a family of 4!! SOLD. And mom and dad get a queen length bed on the front end when the dinette is put into bed mode – that can even accommodate tall people like Travis who is 6 foot 4.

TAXA is made by a man who used to design human habitats for NASA. Freaking NASA. It is SO well designed. It has everything you need – nothing you don’t.

It fits in our garage, is SUV tow-able and somehow still has everything we need including, a bathroom, an indoor shower, refrigerator, kitchen, AC, beds for a family of 4, dining table and even a furnace. When it’s cool outside you unzipper the top and feel like you are in a tent with all the comforts of inside. In rain you can just zipper the top back up and run the AC/furnace to keep an ideal temperature. It’s the best of both worlds. Not to mention it’s just plain cool looking.

And most importantly, it started with a T 😉 so OBVIOUSLY it was meant to be ;).

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