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Why a Travel Blog?

For so many reasons.

I (Tory) grew up with basically nomadic parents (and I say that in the best way possible). If it was a long weekend we would drive from Washington DC to Maine. I have been to 48 states. In college I traveled in Europe for a month with friends and in my early 20s on a whim went to Thailand with my sister. And at 6 weeks pregnant with Teags I was trying not to throw up on a boat seeing the Cliffs of Moore in Ireland with Travis.

And then kids happened. And it got HARD to travel. Meanwhile my friends with out kids were selling everything and buying RVs and traveling full time. Several of them even started amazing blogs/vlogs about their adventures. And I have been living vicariously through them for 5 years. Shout out to and

But what I seldom saw were blogs/vlogs of families doing it! It seemed so impossible for families to pull off…

Although we have done our fair share of traveling, even with babies in tow (pun absolutely intended) ;), Travis and I always dreamed of when they were a little older and we could get back to exploring and adventure! And we wanted to share our passion with our kids!

Our first thought was that of all the options, the easiest way (and easy is relative here) to accomplish this was in an RV. So last September we flew our 4 year old and 1 year old to Zion and rented an RV on (We had never driven an RV in our life). Was it hard. HECK YES. Was there a learning curve? YUP. But were we hooked?? Absolutely! SO MUCH FREEDOM. Something we had been craving for a while. We could envision doing this with our kids.

When Covid happened we could see the writing on the wall. That this would be the new way of travel for a while. So this past spring we put in an order for our Taxa Mantis trailer. You can read about why we chose the trailer we did under the tab, Our Trailer under the Menu bar.

The Purpose of this Blog

Our hope for this blog is to help families learn that RVing with kids is possible. With Covid we know a lot of families are jumping into RV life for the first time…. just like us! We also know how little info there is out there on how to RV with kids! We will share our learnings along the way including T4 Trials & Tribulations (aka our mistakes), as well as our T4 Tips & Tricks for RVing (aka when something worked for us). Our mission is to make this way of life accessible to families and to give parents the confidence and information they need to take the plunge into traveling via RV! And yes, it IS possible even with small kids!

Come Trekking with T4…

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