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Meet T4

Hello! We are Travis, Tory, Teagan (age 5), and Tommy (age 2) and together we make T4! If you met us in our previous blog, you know we were not always a family of 4 and had to overcome huge obstacles to build our family. Although Tory was able to have our first child Teagan, due to health issues she could not carry again. And that’s when our last blog happened. We documented the struggle and miracle that is surrogacy in a co-blog we wrote with our sons gestational carrier. Our son, Tommy, was born in June 2018 via surrogacy.

This blog is a Part 2 of sorts. Thanks to a surrogacy video interview with Disney and our blog we had over 90,000 people see Tommy’s story unfold and see our family grow from T3 to T4 on This second blog is what happened after Tommy got here. What did we do with this family we worked so hard to create?

About the T’s:


We are Minnesota high school sweethearts who both needed dates to Senior Homecoming. I (Tory) spent the night dancing ON Travis’ shoes because he was so much taller than me. But needless to say that night started it all! We were engaged by 20 and married by 23. After our wedding we moved out to Seattle so Travis could work in the tech industry as a programmer. I worked in Marketing. Teagan came 2 years later. After 4.5 years of living in Seattle we moved back home to Minnesota and I became a stay at home mom. Shortly there after we started our surrogacy journey to give Teagan her sibling and I became a surrogacy awareness advocate and co-blogger of


Teagan is 5.5 going on 40! She is just like her dad and brilliant in all things science and math! She fluctuates between being a scientist when she grows up and doctor. She loves ballet/tap and is the best big sister around. The girl LOVES babies and thinks Tommy was the best addition ever. If she’s not watching My Little Pony, making structures with Magnatiles, she is probably squeezing Tommy’s cheeks saying he is the cutest baby ever!


Lovingly referred to as Tommy the Tank – Tommy is one big boy! He was born at a whooping 10 pounds 4 oz and has been basically 100 percentile his whole life. He just turned 2 and is the size Teagan was at 3 and half years old! He is an absolute goof ball who loves balls and cars. ALL THE CARS. He is a cuddler who appreciates a good snuggle and is repeating everything we say these days. He’s also a typical 2 year old so he’s making his mom and dad work!

Thanks for being here,


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