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Taxa Mantis Travel Trailer Tour!

A couple weeks ago I texted Katy of Captured Glory Photography. She is massively talented and has done a bunch of our family pictures in the past. I asked her is she would be up for a little bit of an odd request! That we had a fun project we would love to document.

I told her we had a new travel blog and rv rental on starting and would she take pics of the RV for the listing? She said sure! And added that we should get some family pictures in the RV as well. Brilliant! An RV family portrait session – love it.

(You better believe I tried to make Joanna Gains proud in how I staged it for these pictures haha)

Here are some of us and the kids cheering to our new trailer and all the memories ahead! Can you tell Teags has done a few photoshoots in her life? That girl is FIERCE.

I am trying to be as fierce as my daughter here 😅

Now for the actual trailer tour!


Come on in!



Now to the back! This area is a dining table during the day and a bed at night.

Something we loved about this unit is that the back opens up and windows in the kitchen are made to be pass through windows like a food truck! It lets the outside in.

Now back towards the front! Bathroom and Bunk Bed area for kids! The bunks can be in couch mode during the day and bunk bed mode at night! The bathroom is a flush toilets and hand held shower. From the ceiling you can hang a privacy curtain.

This unit was designed by a man that made human habitats for NASA and we feel like you can see that in the design. So compact, but he thought of everything! His philosophy is bringing the outside in. Providing everything you need, nothing you don’t.

The kitchen storage is a milk crate system to lessen weight and makes packing a breeze. Everyone go take a crate to your room and pack it and put it in the mantis! No duffles needed. He also put holes made for carabineers and bungee cords everywhere. As you can see we added some extra netting to the top bunk for teags stuffed animals. Some people even set up hammocks inside the mantis using the carabineer holes!

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our Taxa Mantis!


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