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Chasing Gold in Grand Marais, MN: The story of how our family got adopted on the North Shore. πŸ†

This weekend we went up the North Shore to chase gold! And boy did we find it (Fallelujah ya’ll!) in more ways than one…

Down to this sweet little white and orange kitty who fast became our campground champion every night (more on that in a minute).

Grand Marais Campground – Spot 279

For this trip we stayed at the Grand Marais Campground in Grand Marais, MN. This campground was the reason I wanted a camper. This town, in my opinion, is the prettiest small town in the country. We talk about retiring here one day. And this campground is IN town ON the beach. You can’t get a better location in town or on the North Shore. From our campsite you could see the light house blinking back at you every night on the harbor! All of the pictures below are from the campground – beaches galore and trail heads right from the campground. And best of all you can walk into town. No need for a car to go get dinner.

Day 1 – Split Rock Lighthouse

On the way up the north shore from the cities there are a ton of places to stop. Our mission this trip was to stop at places we had never seen before! So our first stop up there was at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park! We were on the hunt to find the pebble beach where you can take a picture with Split Rock Light House in the background. It’s basically the iconic touristy picture of the North Shore in this state. And we had yet to find it! We found out the beach is literally called Pebble Beach in the park and luckily google maps led us right there! Commence photoshoot time haha.

The whole state park is gorgeous and full of trails/picnic areas so we got food at the Rustic Inn (get a pie and the squash fall salad) and had a picnic at the beach!

For dinner that night we walked over to Angry Trout! Highly recommend! And then we started our fire for the night as temperatures were below freezing! It got to 28 that first night. Here is us at our campfire πŸ˜‚

As soon we got our fire going we heard a little meow and this sweet boy emerged from the woods – cold and looking for warmth! So we have him some milk and boy was he hungry!

After smore time kitty ran off and we went to read books before bed thinking of our sweet kitty friend and hoping he would be okay through the night…

Day 2: Artist Point and Honeymoon Bluff

My first stop every morning is always Java Moose. The best coffee in Grand Marais!

Then we were off to explore artist point and the light house on the Grand Marais harbor!

Afterwards we drove the 40 minutes up the Gunflint Trail to see Honeymoon Bluff! Only about .4 miles it was short and sweet. The view was amazing.

The second night we got dinner at Sven and Oles Pizza. Soooo good! And guess who showed up again? Our little campground champion! He loved sausage pizza and enjoyed his milk once again. And this time he made himself right at home…on Travis’ lap! He was shaking it was so cold so Travis swaddled him in a blanket. That night we made a make shift kitty bed out of one of the kids camping chairs with blankets so kitty was okay through the freezing night. Poor kitty! At the this point my cat loving husband was getting that gleam in his eye. Oh no… 🀦😬

Day 3: Caribou Falls and Palisade Bluff

The next morning we headed off to Caribou Falls! We have seen many waterfalls this summer with the Michigan trip and I have to say this was the most impressive one yet! Only a half mile hike and you find this – it even has a pool of water at the bottom for swimming in the summer. My pictures don’t do it justice – it’s HUGE and so tall! We will be back!

Next up was Palisade Head! A huge cliff face over looking Lake Superior. You can even see the apostle islands in Wisconsin in the distance. We sat and watched a drone take flight – this was a highlight for Tommy!

Guess who returned on night 3? Yup kitty was back, again!! This time we were prepared. We had found cat food and litter at a local co-op. And had made a make shift crate out of our Taxa Mantis’ storage crates. Travis was dead set on making sure kitty would not spend another night in below freezing temperatures. So kitty slept with us in the mantis in his crate that night.

Day 4: Did we just get adopted? Bringing kitty home!

The next morning we woke up to a sweet sleeping kitty that had meowed just a couple times all night and was in heaven with a warm trailer and a full belly. We couldn’t just leave him there…so we called all around town. No reports of a missing kitty. No local humane society in the area and the campground manager knew nothing about him. At this point my husband turned to look at me and said, “Did we just get a kitty??” Oh boy 🀣

Kitty has been home now for a couple days and was checked over by a vet. Besides some dirty ears he is a healthy male kitten under a year! And the friendliest cat there ever was.

We are still working on a name for kitty! So if you have any ideas please comment.

Thanks for Trekking with T4 through the North Shore in the Fall and following along as we got adopted by our new fur baby. β€οΈπŸ†


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